Graphics from the net should be saved to your computer and then uploaded to your own website. They should never be "linked" to by just providing the URL (Address) of the image on someone else's site.  Linking increases their bandwidth usage and "robs" them of valuable bandwitth.

If you are not sure what linking is, if a line in your HTML which begins with <img src = has the name of the site that the graphic came from in it, then it is linked to that site, using their bandwidth.  The HTML should have your site's name in it only.

It's easy to save graphics from the net to your computer.  Just right click on the graphic and in the box that pops up, choose "save as" and save it to a place on your hard drive. (Netscape users choose "Save Image As")

The hardest part is figuring out how best to save the graphics 
so you can easily find them again when you need them.

Here are some tips that might help.

First, create some folders on your desktop.  I have folders for every letter of the alphabet all inside of one folder on my desktop called Graphics. It's just like a filing cabinet.  If  I'm wanting to find a picture of a cat that I saved, I would fist open the Graphics folder from my desktop, then the C - D folder inside the graphic folder, then search for the graphic named Cat.

To create folders on your desktop, right click the background of your desktop, choose new, folder, and then type a name for the folder.  Here is a picture to help. The first gray box pops up when you right click on your desktop, the second shows up when you click on "new" and the new folder shows up on your desktop when you choose "folder".  The text under the folder is flashing blue, meaning that, when you type, the text will be replaced with the new name.

Once a folder has been created, you can then create more folders, either on your desktop, or inside the folder you created.  To create folder inside of folders, once in the folder, choose File/New/Folder from the Menu Bar at the top of the folder window.


When you right click any photo on the net you are wanting to save, in Microsoft Explorer, you will see a menue like the one below.  Choose Save Picture As. (In Netscape choose "Save image as")

The SAVE box, such as the one below, will appear. Click the drop down menu at far right of  the top "save in" bar (where the little white arrow is pointing), and you will see all of the folders you created on your desktop.  If you want to put the graphic in one of those folders, just choose it.  If you want to put the graphic in a folder inside one of your desktop folders, click on it and you will see the folders inside that folder displayed.  Just click on the one you want to save the graphic in...  give the graphic a name where it says File Name, and click save.

Now, when it comes time to finding a particular graphic you are wanting to use, you'll know where it is. 

Any web graphics can be saved this way and you could build quite a collection.  Be aware that graphics do take up a lot of space on your hard drive, so if space is limited, it's best to bookmark the best graphic sites and just visit them to save graphics as you need them.

  Be sure you know what the site's policy is.  If the site does not say their graphics are free to use,  they probably aren't and you could be in copyright violation.  That is especially a problem if you are going to use it on a "professional for profit" website, as opposed to a personal "for fun" site, however, it's best to be safe with either site.  If you see a graphic on a site you'd really like to use and the site doesn't have a copyright or usage policy, just email the website owner and ask.  You could avoid embarrassment an/or legal action by following protocol in the use of graphics from the web.

Want to resize the graphics or add text to them?

Then you will need a good graphic program.  
Visit  Their program is shareware
allowing you to download it and try it before you buy.
It is one of the best graphics programs out there
if you don't want to go to the expense of 
Corel Draw or Photoshop (each priced over 450.00).

If you do try Paintshop, and decide to purchase it, how about coming back here and clicking
on the the picture below.  It will take you to Amazon.Com's site where you can purchase Paintshop at a great price, and I'll get credit from Amazon for sending you there.  Every little bit helps to support this site.

Paint Shop Pro is an excellent alternative to higher-priced image-editing applications, with many of the same features as the big boys on the block--and even file and plug-in compatibility with Adobe's popular tool, Photoshop

 Have fun with Graphics, The Eye Candy of the Net!



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